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Explore the front lines of the clean energy revolution as citizens, fed up with government bureaucracies and intransigent fossil fuel providers, take power themselves. Who will prevail - those fighting for clean energy? Or those with a death grip on our fossil fuel past?


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She remains the most famous woman poet of the Beat Generation; her friend Allen Ginsberg called her “heroic in life and poetics.” THE POETRY DEAL: a film with Diane di Prima is an impressionistic documentary about legendary poet Diane di Prima.

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Called “one of the most provocative films [of Trannyfest] is this diaristic look at FTM transition…” SIR: JUST A NORMAL GUY screened to acclaim at LGBT film festivals and events internationally. A candid, courageous, and insightful portrait of more than 15-months in the female-to-male (FTM) transition of Jay Snider, SIR explores both the emotional and physical changes of this profound experience--beginning prior to hormones and concluding after top surgery. 

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