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Freelance Editing and Color Correction

Please contact me to discuss what will make your film picture perfect.


All rates are Mondays to Fridays.


Perfect for fixing that one messed up shot.

  • $50 per hour — commercial or mainstream news.  

  • $45 per hour — hourly independent discount (10% off).

Buy bulk!

Perfect for short films and medium sized projects.

  • $400 per day — 10 hour day.

  • $1,500 weekly rate — 50 hours (aka 5 days). The hours can be spread over several weeks.

Internet Service:

  • Does your company use Fiverr? Many rates and packages available, custom jobs possible.


  • Need something over the weekend, holiday, or 24 hour turnaround? Please inquire about rates.


Please Explain How This Works

If you have a color correction job, I would love to hear from you! Although in-person proofing is much better, you be located anywhere and we can do a good job on your footage.

Use the message box below to send me details of what you need — film duration, your timeframe, etc. Then we set up a phone call to review options and budget. I will send you a proposal and contract, and you sign it electronically. Payment options are all electronic. Easy!

What Is Included?

I can do conforms, color correction, fix spots, blurring faces, and cleaning up grain, as well as some other digital effects.

Where do we start?

Color correction “One Light” passes are a global fix of your film with minimal customizing and the most economical first step. You get a basic color correction and decide what to do from there. “Supervised” passes include custom grading each clip or shot, fixing spots, facial retouching, and blurring faces; you provide specific shots to work on thus focusing this time-intensive process and saving you both time and money.

My qualifications:

I am an experienced colorist and video editor, certified in DaVinci Resolve (2018, 2019) and Fusion (2019). I also use Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Learned on FCP 0.0 in the beta version (circa 1999) and have used most major NLE software since. I teach media production at Pace University, including editing, storytelling, and directing.

My experience includes work with major news outlets including NPR, The Advocate, Smithsonian museums, and documentaries premiering at major film festivals.

I am always happy to do custom jobs, just get in touch if you have specific job needs, I am happy to see if I can fit a project into your budget. I particularly like working on documentaries, news footage, archival, and independent films.


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